History of Event

This prestigious tennis event originated in the early 90s, when The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club ran the Indoor Doubles Tennis Championships for 3 straight years. This was a knockout event with 16 invited top men local pairs competing. It was then revamped in 2003, became a Round-Robin event in the preliminary rounds and complemented by a knockout format on the last day of play, involving the top 8 local doubles.

From 2007 to 2009, the event had incorporated Men’s Singles tournament as the new feature and highlight. And the event was renamed the Hong Kong Tennis Champions Cup in 2008. It shifted its focus to Men’s Doubles only from 2010, and became a cross-border event by inviting non-local ATP touring players to participate from the following year. Regardless of the title and format change, the pursuit of becoming the best local tennis event for the enjoyment of the Hong Kong community has always been the same.

Though the event has been dormant for 4 years since 2019 due to the social unrest and Covid-19 pandemic, the pursuit of excellence continues. As the event organiser, we are now once again looking to improve the tournament for the Club members and the local tennis community. Attracting top tennis talents has never been a problem, but now we are looking for fresh new faces. Thus, we are inviting 4 top doubles teams within the Asia region this year. Furthermore, with the huge popularity of doubles amongst the Club and amateur levels in Hong Kong, we have decided to continue with DOUBLES ONLY for format, and rebrand it to The Clearwater Bay Champions Cup.